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Recd H1papers but cant apply SSN

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  • Recd H1papers but cant apply SSN

    I got H1 papers in Oct and then went to apply SSN. In Social Security office, they told i cant apply for SSN bcos datas shows iam still in H4. it has been 2 months now, iam trying to apply SSN. i called INS manytimes to check if my visa got updated to H1, but they always ask me to wait till they update. Any idea how long i have to wait? its already been 2 months now. Pls help.

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    They take copy of H1 approval notice


    Ask them to take copy of your H1 approval and send it to Department of Homeland Security for verification. That is what they did in my case.
    Their computer didn't show that I have a valid H1B then they sent all documentation to DHS for verification.



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      Thanks a lot for your reply. We did send copy of H1 to Homeland Security. But still its not updated, this is what they r telling in Social Security Office. Can u pls tell me how long did u wait? Is there something else which i have to try?