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Travelling to India while changing project within Employer

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  • Travelling to India while changing project within Employer


    I have a valid stamped visa until October 2020.
    My current project is ending by this month August 2019. I have a planned travel to India in few days- 1st week of September.

    Could you please advise on possible options in hand for me to travel to India and come back to join new project?

    1) Can I return to US to original location with the already stamped visa and then file amendment?

    2) If yes, what would be the documents I need to present at POE? What would be the questions asked at POE?

    3) If I'm asked about which client/project do I work for- what would be the answer that is advisable since in my case I will not have a project in hand during my travel?

    If there are any other options that could be shared, it will be helpful as well. Appreciate thoughts and inputs. Thank you.