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Can we do PR and H1B Stamping in Canada at once?

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  • Can we do PR and H1B Stamping in Canada at once?

    I have recently changed my employer and got my H1B transferred. I still have to get my stamping done. Meanwhile, I applied for Canadian PR in March. It's still in processing and have around 2 months(Oct end) to hear back about the approval.. I understand I have to do a soft landing in Canada within 6 months(?) of issuance..

    My question is can I go for my H1B stamping and PR soft landing at the same time? Will there be an issue with either consulates? My main concern is about H1B.. Will the US Consulate see the PR stamp on my passport as a problem?

    I haven't been in this forum long enough to know if anyone has gone through this process.. Does anyone have any insights on this? If you could share your experience/concerns/questions I would really appreciate it.. Thank you!!
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