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H1 B Stamping in India

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  • H1 B Stamping in India

    Hi gurus,

    I was planning to visit India after 2and 1/2 years. My Visa has been transferred from two other organizations and now working with a well reputed IT firm as a full time employee, well known worldwide(sorry for not disclosing)

    I have my VISA stamp in passport valid till Sep 30th 2010 and valid 1797 petition till May 2012. Now when I planned to goto India, I planned to go for stamping..

    My questions are
    1) What is the risk if I goto India and come back without going for stamping as I have valid VISA till Sep 30th 2010 and I797 till May 2012. Will I be allowed to come into US or what issues I might face at PORT OF ENTRY.
    2) If I go for stamping what are the likely causes of VISA being rejected. I have all my papers perfect and company records absolutely perfect but just was told by some attorneys as well that there might be or might not be a reason why counsulate is not issuing VISA so i have to be careful as the present stamping scenario is bad.

    Any recent attendess to Chennai counsulate, please share your experiences.

    Just dont want to loose opportunity working in USA as we know how hard it is to get one in present scenario.

    Your replies are greatly appreciated.