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H1 B stamping

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  • H1 B stamping

    1 I have H1B visa right now & wanted to know that for 1st time stamping how should i take appointment (website) with mumbai consulate?

    2 what should be time limit for stamping after geting H1 B?

    3. I am from gujarat so i have to have go to b'bay or i can go delhi, chennai?

    Thanking you in advance,

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    i'm no expert but since nobody has answered after so long, here goes:
    when you log onto www.immihelp.com, the first page has a huge list of topics to search including H-1 visas and consular stamping- read carefully, it's very helpful and you can get sample forms etc from this site.
    as far as i know, a person living in Gujarat ( even if you're currently in the US) goes to Mumbai only- Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) handles routine matters like making appointments.
    i think you would want to process it right away and start working to show good faith.