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H1B RFE 60 days over

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  • H1B RFE 60 days over

    HI All,

    I had received an RFE on my H1 Transfer. My employer replied on Feb 2nd. The online status remains as we are looking into your issue and we will get back to you when we make a decision in 60 days.
    Unfortunately 60 day period is over on Apr 2nd(Today is Apr 05th). My employer has not received any information. The online status for my EAC is still Pending.
    My Lawyer infomred me that he has contacted USCIS and filed an expedite request with the Supervisor. so I should be hearing back from the Service Center in the next week.

    My questions are :
    1. Is it 60 days or 60 working days?
    2. Are there any similar cases to this? is this common?
    3. What is an expedite request with the Supervisor?

    Any answers is greatly appreciated

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    1. Is it 60 days or 60 working days?
    >>> Usually 2-3 months (all days)

    2. Are there any similar cases to this? is this common?
    >>> This is common.

    3. What is an expedite request with the Supervisor?
    >>> If your didn't receive the approval or denial after 90 days, then your lawyer can take an infopass appointment to talk to the USCIS officials to spead-up the process. Alternatively, you can play an additional $1000 to expidiate the process to premium.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Thanks for your reply.
      Good news.. i got the approval today.



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        Hi K- Man

        Hey I m also in the similar situation like its been 60 days past the RFE documents submission.
        On June 29th RFE document was submitted, last friday my companies legal team told me that they have placed a service request and told me that the decision will be made in next 30 days...i.e before sep 29th I will receive the response

        Is service request different from expedite request?did u changed ur case from regular to premium for expedite request or its just the regular processing that got you the approval in 3 days time?

        Please respond me


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          H1B extension


          I am also facing similar issue.

          My employer submitted my h1 extension on normal process on feb 7. I have submitted my wife h4 extension on march 24. I got RFE on my h1 May 7 and Ihave responded to that on may 21. Till then my status shows is "request for Evidence Response Review". My wife h4 got approved on June 27.

          Tommorow Ihave completed 60 days.

          When I will receive the response?

          My I 94 is expired on march 24. So how many more days i am authorozed to work?

          Request for Evidence Response Review
          Once a timely response to the request for evidence is received by USCIS, we review the evidence or information you submitted. If you submitted the requested evidence, we continue with the adjudication of your application or petition in light of the new evidence.