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H1B Visa Interview

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  • H1B Visa Interview

    Background: I'm currently on H-1B, full-time, and Non-IT background. Visiting India during November and December of this year. Attending a visa interview during the first week of December.

    Situation: I've gone to India during 2017-18. while returning, at the port of entry, during the checking, I was found with a bag of dried curry leaves. Before the check when the officer asked me whether I'm carrying any plant-related products, I said 'NO' as I wasn't aware that they were in the bag (not justifying my self, it was a clear mistake on my side). I was fined $300 for carrying the leaves.

    Question: 1. What kind of questions I could expect from the interviewer during the Visa Interview.

    2. Could this be a reason to give me a 221-G or to reject the visa?

    3. Any points for me to consider.

    Please suggest. Thank you in advance for your responses.