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H1B Visa Interview and Passport Pick-up

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  • H1B Visa Interview and Passport Pick-up

    Hello friends,

    I had my H1B visa interview in Mumbai on September 11, 2019. Interview was straightforward. Visa officer asked basic questions about employer, salary and the University.
    He said that my visa is approved and it will take 1 week for the passport to get ready.

    My passport status as of today (7th business day) suggests that my passport is 'still with Consulate/ Embassy'.

    My visa status was Administrative Processing for first 6 business days. It changed today (7th business day) to 'Application Received. If you already had an interview check case status in 2 business days.'

    Has anyone had a similar experience? How long would it take for the passport to be ready for pick up?

    Appreciate any feedback !!

    Thank you !!

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    Did u get a response


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      I called on the contact number listed on usvisatraveldocs...their response was very standard ...said it is in processing. It has now been 12 business days and still no sign of passport.
      The visa status is same but case was updated on 24th and then on 27th September. However, status has not changed.