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h1 xfer from company A or B, to company C

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  • h1 xfer from company A or B, to company C

    I had an h1 with consulting agency company A in Texas to be able to
    start working from Oct1,2004. They couldn't find me a project but
    fortunately I accepted an offer from company B in Colorado on
    Oct25,2004 and am currently working for them. My h1 transfer is in a
    pending status with them and may not get processed until the mid of
    January 2005. However, meanwhile, I have an excellent offer from a
    company C in Texas and I really want to move back to Texas. I am not
    sure how to deal with this situation.
    My questions are:
    a) Is my company A's approved h1 is still valid and can that be used
    to transfer to company C?
    b) Should I use my company company B's pending h1 in order to transfer
    to company C under their h1.
    c) Should I wait until company B's h1 is approved and then use that to
    transfer to company C (that could probably lead to losing the offer
    d) Can I start working for company C right away?
    e) Does my current employer company B need to know about my h1
    transfer to company C?
    e) Am I doing something wrong here, please point out?
    f) THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for your help!