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Issue with extension of status based on i94

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  • Issue with extension of status based on i94


    My company filed for H1B Extension with USCIS in the month of Feb , 26 ,2019 in regular processing and on April 10th, I got notice about RFE
    April 17th,2019 when my extension was pending, I had to travel to India for my brothers marriage .
    Coming back from India on May 3rd , I got my RFE documents submitted to USCIS on June 6th . I finally got the approval for my H1B Extension on Sept 5th,2019 with approved I797 upto June 30,2022 but I got extended dates on an expired I94 because the day when I entered from India to US , my I94 got changed and I got a new I94 Number which I never communicated to USCIS , so they provided extended dates on an my previous I94.
    Now I am in a situation where I have an approved I797 till 2022 but an expired I94 since my new I94(which I got when during my last POE in May,2019) has an expiry only till June 30th ,2019 .
    What are my options and what should i do now

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    Tricky situation. I don't think I94 would make any problems to go back to US but you should definitely ask this to your company lawyer.