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  • H1B - i797B

    Hello all,
    My visa was recently approved and I got an i797B letter. I’ve been enrolled at a CPT university for a while and my course ends in December. I was under the impression that I don’t have to immediately go for stamping and can stay in the country until my course ends but today I found out that my SEVIS has been deactivated.
    my lawyer said I can stay here until the course ends but why would my SEVIS get deactivated?
    Does anyone know anything about it? Do you think I can stay or do you guys suggest I leave immediately?

    Please advise! Thank you

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    I think it is normal since your status changed to H1B from F1 and you are no longer a 'student'. You don't have to go to stamping if you don't leave US but you will have to get your new (H1B) stamp once you leave. This is just my opinion so better to listen your lawyer.


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      Thanks for replying. I had applied for consular processing so not sure what to do. I understand if it’s regular processing in which the status automatically changes to H1b, but not sure how the status thing works in consular processing. My I-20 is still valid though.