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H4 visa while on a work permit in Canada

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  • H4 visa while on a work permit in Canada

    I am an Indian citizen currently on a work permit in Vancouver. My wife lives in Redmond, WA and is on H1/B. I visit her quite regularly on weekends using my B1/B2 visa. But the last time I went there the CBP officer told me that I should apply for an H4 and this is the last time they are letting me in on B1/B2. I have a couple of questions.

    1. I am not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Can I still apply for H4 in Canada ?
    2. How long does it typically take to get an appointment. I understand that the visa wait times tool is only for Canadian citizens / permanent residents. I am ready to travel to other parts like Toronto.
    3. Is it better if I apply for this while traveling to India?
    4. Do you think I can travel again on my B1/B2 as we are moving houses soon and I would really like to help her out with the process? Could I mention this to the CBP officer first without having to scan my passport and getting denied entry.

    Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

    Kind regards,