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  • need help please

    Hi Everyone,

    I am on h4 now and i am planning to apply for H1 this year(through a consultancy)...i had 2 years of experience in india in a company on a technology called 'Application Packaging'.
    After coming US..i learnt(out of my intrest) a technology called SAS and got certifed in that.......now..i am willing to apply H1 by sending resume stating that i had 2 years of experience in SAS in india in the same company in which i really worked but on different technology(application packaging)..

    will that be a problem for me? will the USCIS do a backgrouund check to know whether i really worked in the technology or do they just want to confirm whether i worked for that company or not?

    I really appreciate your help...

    Many thanks to all...

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    USCIS or the consulate where you go for visa stamping can do background verification. You don't expect a country like U.S to admit people without any kind of background verification, do you? This is the reason why they want the candidates to appear for the first time H1B stamping in their home country. If they find out that the information that you provided in the visa application is ****, then they could even ban you for life from entering into U.S.
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