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Appearing for H1B interview while company is being acquired

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  • Appearing for H1B interview while company is being acquired

    I Need help. Please read my case below.
    1. I came to US on H1B from company A. On passport, H1B stamp is from Company A.
    2. Last year I changed to company B on H1B. I have valid I-797, but not stamped Visa yet.
    3. I am going to India and taken Visa interview appointment after 3 weeks from now.
    4. After taking visa appointment, company B informed all employees that it is being taken over (aquired) by company C. This merger-acquisition has to be apporved by FTC (Federal Trade Commision), that takes about 3 to 6 weeks from now. Till then company name remains B.

    My questions
    1. Shall I appear for interview ? what if a day or two before my visa interview FTC okay the merger-acquisition ?
    2. If till interview date merger is not approved, then shall I pretend to Visa consulate that there is nothing going on ?
    3. Anything else which I need to take care of ?
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