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221G Issued with reason of further administrative processing

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  • 221G Issued with reason of further administrative processing

    Hello All,

    My OFC appointment was on Oct 21, 2019. I got a email from them on the night of Oct 21 saying that my photo was not clear so I have to carry a passport size photo with me to the interview.
    I attended my Visa interview on October 22, 2019 at Hyderabad. VO did not ask for the photo so I did not give it to him. VO issued a 221g white slip at the end saying that some administrative processing was pending.

    My question is

    Should I contact the embassy and ask them about the photo and ask them if I should submit OR wait for them to contact me?

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    There should be something checked in the FORM 221G, like "Need a detailed client letter"... Just check your form 221G once, also did they collect your passport or is it with you ? If any documents requested in 221G then your employer should email them and CC you. Else just wait for 2 - 3 weeks for an update from them...