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H4 extension filing on top of a pending H4 extension

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  • H4 extension filing on top of a pending H4 extension

    Hello Friends,

    My spouse have a valid VISA stamping till Jun 2020 through employer A. Also her recent port of entry date is Jun 22, 2018. But I moved to employer B in Aug, 2018 and our H1B & H4 transfers were approved till May 2019. Again we applied for extension and my H1B extension was approved till Dec, 2019 but my spouse H4 was not approved TILL DATE.

    Now, we have to apply for extension again in November 2019. Below are my questions, please respond...

    1. Since my spouse H4 filed to extend after May 2019 was NOT approved, her 240 days count started already ? if yes, she will be out of status after Jan 26, 2020 ?
    2. What are the options we have here ? can she go to India and get her stamping done with my approved H1B extension (Extension filing in Nov 2019 - Hopefully it should be approved)

    Please help us to sort this out.