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    I had applied for H1 visa in 2008, but i got 221g, i submitted all d required documents & i was handed a yellow 221g again n after that i did not receive any response from the consulate..meanwhile i got my H4 in feb 2010 & now i m in US with my husband, I want to convert my H4 to H1 through the same employer, my employer suggested to get a job offer first, how feasible is that for me to get H1?
    what are my chances to get H1 coz my petition was not rejected.
    I m confused
    kindly suggest what should i do...


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    It is hard to predict. Like your employer suggests, once you find a job, your employer can file a COS form H4 to H1B. If that gets approved, you can work. Since you already have a valid H1B petition, the COS should go through fine if you make sure that you submit all the required documents.
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      Thanks for the suggestion
      But now i am in another dilemma
      Today i got selected in a job interview but the company has a background check where SSN is mandatory, i have applied for ITIN but it will take around 4-8 weeks to come.
      For COS a job appointment letter is required, but after seeing the market condition (after all the background checks, etc) how is it possible to get me an appointment letter...
      kindly suggest what exactly should i do as my first step as my employer is also confused.



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        The option is to find a client who doesn't require a background verification. Or you need to tell them the truth that you don't have one. Sorry, I don't know of any other alternative.
        Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.