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Mumbai address mentioned H1B petition and planning to Chennai for stamping

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  • Mumbai address mentioned H1B petition and planning to Chennai for stamping

    One Company in USA applied for my H1B petition (I129 Petition for Non-immigrant worker) in July 27th, that time I used to stay in Mumbai so in that petition application we mentioned Mumbai as my address.
    My Petition got approved on 21st October. But i haven't got my papers yet go interview appointment. Now I shifted to banglore (i am going to get my papers by Next week).
    Can I approach Chennai consulate for my Visa Interview?
    If not i have to go for mumbai consulate for my visa interview can i request my passport delivery to my B'lore Address.

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    I also have a similar kind of problem . When i applied , i was in Chennai , but then i shifted to Dubai . Now i'm going back to Chennai for stamping . What address my passport can be delivered. Can they deliver straight to the propective employers office in Chennai??

    Does anyone has any idea abt this
    Thanks in advance


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      I also had similar experience when I applied H1 (2 years before).

      My passport was showing address from Maharashtra state.
      But my notification was showing Chennai consulate. It was mistake from our lawyer and INS. They did mention Mumbai in I129 but still notification was issued on Chennai consulate.

      I did not took any chance I flied to Chennai Consulate all the way from Mumbai.

      I went to Chennai. I was advised on the window in Chennai Consulate to go to Mumbai consulate. The person at the window was surprized why I did shown up there. I told him all the story. He suggetsed to go back to Mumbai even thoug the notification says Chennai consulate.

      I called up Mumbai consulate immidiately from Chennai; explained the situation. The Mumbai consulate agrreed on phone to process my Visa at Mumbai.

      I flied back to Mumbai immidiately. I did all my Visa stamping etc in Mumbai. That made me to cancel and re issue Demamd drafts.
      It was really painful and hectic. But everything went well.

      I hope this may answer your quetions.