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Need help on my H1B Maxout Case

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  • Need help on my H1B Maxout Case


    Need an advise to queries I have as I am nearing my Maxout

    1) My I94 expiry is 26th Dec
    2) My MaxOut date is 21st Jan
    3) My Amendment is currently in process
    4) My Perm is currently in process( assuming I wil get decision this month)

    1) In case I dont get my I140 approved before I94 expiry, can I file an extension till my Max Out ( which is for just 1 month period) . If Yes will my current amendment become void and filed extension would be considered as "Amendment + Extension"?
    1.1) If the extension is filed before my I94 exp, can I stay in US till 21st Jan based on receipt no?

    2) In case my I140 gets approved say by end of Dec or early Jan, can I file one more extension to extend my H1 beyond 6 years? In that case will the "Amendment + Extension" filed in point no 1 will become void and I can continue staying in US beyond my Maxout?

    Appreciate if you can help me out as I am not getting clear details from my Immigration team