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How long Can I stay without job (Sponsorship) on H1B

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  • How long Can I stay without job (Sponsorship) on H1B


    I currently have valid H1b (Visa stamping) until 31-Dec-2019 and my employer had already filed for H1B extension in September'19 and got RFE in October'19, replied to RFE few days back.

    I recently came to know that my contract with client is not renewed due to some reasons and my employer is a vendor, means my employer is not going to pay nor unable to provide me a new opportunity.

    So, my question is how long I can stay legally with the current situation in case if I don't find a next opportunity (visa sponsorship) soon?
    Can my employer have a privilege to revoke my H1 extension while it's under RFE-process?
    How long does I can stay idle if my H1 extension got approved?

    Thanks a lot for your answers and suggestions.