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H1-B 221g administrative processing

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  • H1-B 221g administrative processing

    Hello all,

    I recently attended my H1-B visa interview at Hyderabad consulate on 4-Dec-2019. I was asked few questions about my current job responsibilities, annual salary, address of my client, what are the products that I work on. The officer did not ask me for any documents apart from my passport (not even my I797A) the officer gave me a white slip saying my visa application was refused under the section 221g of USINA and he took my passport (which is still with the consulate general office). I checked my application status today (10-Dec-2019) which says the last updated on 6-Dec-2019. My employer placed me at a client location (EC) and I have been working at my client location since February 2018. My employer is a CRO (contract research organization) and my client is a biotech company where I work in a research lab.

    Can somebody please let me know, how long would it take for administrative processing if you faced a similar situation.


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    @[email protected]

    I am in a similar situation - my visa interview was on the 5th of December and I was told that my visa is approved and that I will get an SMS. I was not given any 221g but when I checked my status on the 5th of December, I saw it as "Refused" and it was updated on the 6th with same status.
    I called the embassy twice and emailed them, all they say is that my visa is in administrative processing and please wait.