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H1B Mumbai Consulate

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  • H1B Mumbai Consulate

    Me and my wife both attended H1B stamping (first time F1 - H1) on December 2, 2019. I received an email next day December 03, 2019 that my passport is ready for pickup. But my wife’s status is still showing “administrative processing”. Her case latest date got updated yesterday December 10, 2019. Anybody facing same issue to get passport back even if visa is approved by the officer without 221g?

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    I am also in the same boat. My husband's visa got approved and the passport is ready to pick up. But mine went to Refused the same day I had my interview, Dec 5th. Then on Dec 11th, it changed to Administrative Processing. Still scared for visa. I was not given any slip and was told my Visa is approved.


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      Keep me posted. I will be visiting the VAC to collect my passport tomorrow, will ask some information there. Please keep me in loop if you get any updates further. Hope for the best!