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Regarding US visa change of status form H1 to H4

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  • Regarding US visa change of status form H1 to H4

    I have a situation i need help with- i am currently in the US on H1b which is valid until Feb 2020,but because i don't have a green card process in place and 6 years are exhausted i changed to H4-EAD in september 2019 .so i have the I 797 approval notice for my H4 effective sep through jan 2022.

    I recently travelled to vancouver and at the border i submitted my H1 since its still valid and so the border protection stamped my I 94 as H1b,now my attorney is telling me that i need to immediately exit and get a consular appointment to change to H4 visa stamp before my H1 expires(Feb 2020) other wise my H4 validity is also lost and they would have to re apply H4 for me ?I am really confused.

    Can someone give inputs or advise as to what to do because the vancouver US consulate does not have available dates until June which is very late.

    Thanks for your time