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Dropbox - case updated to admin processing

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  • Dropbox - case updated to admin processing

    Hello All,

    I am in US from last 7 yrs, with same client & company.

    Dropbox - 16th December (Chennai Consulate)
    Case status updated to Admin Processing - 23rd December

    No email received so far from US consulate...any idea how long it will take to get an email update?

    Anyone else has similar situation?

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    Yes I'm also in the same situation. Dropbox on 20th dec in chennai. Case status updated to Administrative processing on 26th Dec. No emails from consulate.

    Is there any change on your status?


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      Hi All, I have same status too, Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery but in CEAC it says administrative processing. when I called them, they said they are sending docs via premium delivery. I am confused.. does this mean i got 221G?


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        You have to wait - You may be called in for an interview at some point. I went through dropbox and was called in and then got 221(G). However my passport is with the consulate now.