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Clarification required for H4 Visa process

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  • Clarification required for H4 Visa process


    I am applying for H4 Visa and have booked appointment for OFC as well for Consular appointment for the same
    As per my knowledge, we can reschedule OFC as well as Consular appointment once. I need following clarifications for the same:
    • Is it possible to book OFC appointment before marriage as its H4 Visa
    • Is it okay to schedule consular appointment after marriage
    • Does location mentioned in DS-160 as well as for Consular appointment should be the one for OFC appointment as well. For example if we selected New Delhi while submitting the DS-160 and location for Consular appointment is also New Delhi, but location for OFC appointment is Chennai
    • List of documents required for Consular appointment
    • List of documents required for OFC appointment
    • How many days would it take for arrival of H4 visa -- how long does it take for administrative processing. When it is available for pick up. Consider the scenario if consular interview happens on 5th Feb then what will be expected date for arrival of Visa for both options - "Premium Delivery" and "Self pick up"
    • Is there any minimum/maximum time gap required between OFC and Consular appointment
    • Is it okay to submit DS-160 before marriage?