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DS160 Immediate Relative in US

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  • DS160 Immediate Relative in US

    Hello, I am filling up DS160 for my wife and son. I have another son who is US Citizen. They are all in India right now. In DS160 where they ask for immediate relatives in US, do I need to mention my son (even though he is not physically present in US at the time of visa interview or DS160 submission) as my wife/other son's immediate relative?


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    Yes, even though he's physically not living in the US, and even if he's a US citizen, he's still your wife's son (biological I presume?). He's living abroad, not in the US, so you wouldn't count that as living in the US.
    --Good luck--
    Good luck. I learned the hard way, I hope you don't have to. Immigration is interesting. Not considered as legal advice.


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      Ok, thanks for reply. Just to confirm, this question is purely based on actual physical presence of an immediate relative in US at the time of the visa interview. Doesn't matter if the relative is US Citizen or Not, correct?