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H1B in extension to H4 and EAD in USA

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  • H1B in extension to H4 and EAD in USA

    I have a unique situation which probably is answered in bits and pieces but looking for a confirmation.
    I and my wife are both in usa. I am on H1 with an approved I140. My wife is on H1 too expiring on 20-mar with only 53 days extension left out of total 6 years. So, max she can work till 12-May.
    Her employer is filing for 53 days extension on her H1 and wont file another H4 application with future effective date.
    My question is that once her H1 extension is file in normal mode, can i on my own file for her COS to H4 with 13-May as an effective date along with the EAD application. We would like to continue be in USA and reduce the gap between her H1 6 yrs completion and approved EAD so that she can continue to work without much break. Pls advise.