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What documents does attorney give us after H1B approval

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  • What documents does attorney give us after H1B approval


    After 2 RFE's, finally, my H1B was approved. The company lawyer sent me the Form I-797A. Do I need any other supporting documents from them like Form I-129 Petition for a Non-immigrant Worker, H Classification Supplement to Form I-129, etc.? When I go for stamping later, do I need these H1B supporting documents?

    Thank you.

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    If you can get I-129 and LCA, you should keep them with you both for visa interview and entering US for the first time on a new visa. You should ideally fill out your visa application details by looking at the I-129 and LCA so that the information is identical (basic questions about work, salary, etc.)

    My work people always give me full copy of the H1b application sent to USCIS.


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      Ask your lawyers to send you the I-129 and LCA as well