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Travel with expired/pending H4

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  • Travel with expired/pending H4

    My H1 and spouse’s H4 and H4EAD extension filed together in August. Now the visa is expired as of Sept.

    H1 processed on Premium later and approved on Dec end. While H4 and H4EAD still pending.

    My H1 Transfer initiated and status pending.

    I have to travel India soon due to emergency.


    1. What if I join new employer and get the new H1 stamped and do the stamping for my spouse only if the pending H4 is approved by then. Otherwise planning to reenter with H4 receipt notice. I guess H4 and H4EAD will continue to process and should not have any issue traveling?

    2. If H4 is approved while in India, can we go for stamping without original approval notice? Will there be any issue because of my employer change but her H4 will be from my last employer?

    3. If she goes for new H4 stamping from new employer (not filed yet) the existing H4EAD would still valid irrespective that is approved or pending by then?

    Thank you.