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Can I take a loss of pay while on H1B

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  • Can I take a loss of pay while on H1B

    I currently work for a University and the rules are that we cannot use vacation days in advance. I am planning to go to India for personal reasons and dont have adequate vacation days.

    Can I take a few days of loss of pay ( say 4-5 days ). Will it affect my visa status. Shd the University do anything at their end (legally ) to okay the leave of absence. My department really doesnt know anything about the H1B visa rules. So I am thinking if I should inform Immigration Services (ISS ) about my leave.


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    As long as you are not getting paid for the time you are not in the U.S., you are fine.
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      When you are outside the country, you no longer hod and valid status. So there is no problem if they don't pay you when yu go on a vacation outside the country. However, as long as you are in H1B status inside U.S, you need to be paid and have appropriate pay slips.
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