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H1B Transfer - dilema

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  • H1B Transfer - dilema

    HI All,

    I came to US on H1B with company A and the Company A petition valid unitl Nov 2010 . I worked with Cmmpany A for almost an year and then Company B field H1B transfer and I am working with Compamy B now. Petition filed bu Company B valied unitl sep 2011.

    My Job with Company B going to end soon.

    Now can I go back to Company A ?. Do they need to do H1B trnasfer again to me, or can I continue with the old petition which is valid until Nov 2010?
    Are they need to file extension?

    Kindly please help with your sugesrions!

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    You can work for Company A if they haven't evoked your petition yet. Of course they need to file for the extension after Nov 2010.
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