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L-1B to H-1B transfer

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  • L-1B to H-1B transfer

    I am holding L-1B and currently it is valid till March 30th this year. My company is applying for H-1B cap this year as well. As USCIS is starting the registration process from March 1 till March 20, I may get a 10 days window to know my lottery status. My questions are as follows.

    1. When am I supposed to know my lottery status? Is it after March 20th or when April starts.
    2. If I get my lottery approved after March 20, will the visa process start immediately?
    3. Can I continue to stay in the US after the H-1B visa process starts, even though after my L-1B expires on March 31? What will be my status that time?

    This information will help me a lot to plan ahead.