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I-94 issued for shorter period than I-797B

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  • I-94 issued for shorter period than I-797B


    Back in December 2019 I applied for an H1-B visa, and I got it for one year, but my I-797B stated I could work until June 2021. At the port-of-entry, where I got my I-94, the officer told me I could only get the I-94 for one year even though the I-797B stated another time period. I've had a TN visa before where the visa expiration date and the I-94 expiration date do not match. I was expecting to have a similar situation again where I could get the I-94 past the H1-B visa expiration date (similar to the TN); however, as I stated, this was not the case. I thought it was strange that they didn't issue the I-94 to match the I-797B since I have friends that have the H1-B visa for 1 year but the I-94 matching the I-797B.

    Is there a new policy that has taken effect this year where they only issue the I-94s for one year? A friend that had her I-94 issued on the same week ran into the same issue but in a different port-of-entry, so I think it is not a coincidence.

    Should I go to the Deferred Inspection Office to see if I can get the I-94 "corrected"?


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    Perhaps your I-94 was limited to the expiration date of your passport (or 6 months before the expiration date of your passport, depending on the country)?

    If not, you should go to a deferred inspection office to get it fixed. You should be admitted until the expiration of the H1b petition.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.