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H1b Transfer after layoff( RFE ,need urgent advice)

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  • H1b Transfer after layoff( RFE ,need urgent advice)

    Hi guys,
    I am in my 9th year of H1b , with I140 approved twice.
    I was laid off on January 21st, so my 60 days grace period ends March 21st.
    My previous h1b was revoked as per my USCIS case number I submitted online.
    I have a university that has filed for my h1b, with labor approved last week, and H1b with premium processing started March 5th. I got a RFE on March 13th
    (reason unknown yet).
    I have following queries:

    1) Can I join the university even before getting my approval? The university says I cannot join since I have an RFE.
    2) lets say I am not able to join by the 21st(my last legal status day in US), can I still stay in the US legally after 20th waiting for the approval/RFE response? or I have to leave and come back later?
    3) How much time is given to address RFE. Can the response be filed under premium processing too?if yes, does that require additional fees?
    4) if the USCIS is not satisfied with the response, what is the next step then? can I still stay legally in US after that?
    5) if I get my USCIS approval, is it possible to join at new position remotely( due to coronavirus scare, I dont want to risk travel through airports, and driving is not an option, its 2000 miles).
    I asked International affairs at the university and they were adamant about joining in person. Is it required legally to join in person?
    6) Lets say worst case, I have to leave the country . However, I just saw the news that India might issue travel ban for people from USA due to coronavirus. What happens then legally, if I cannot leave the country?