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Need help on my H1B

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  • Need help on my H1B

    Hi, I have a question regarding my H1B visa.

    I am currently employed with Company A. My H1B visa as well as I94 was expired in May'19.

    Here are the petition details and my period of stay in US.

    Initial Petition was from 10/2013 – 05/2016. But stayed in US for 6 months out of 2 years 7 months in that.
    Applied extension in Apr’16 and got approved petition for 3 years, valid from 05/2016 till 05/2019. Stayed in US for 1 year 2 months out of 3 years in that.
    Applied for extension in Apr’19, received Denied notification from USCIS (because Position (Project Role) is not a specialty occupation) in Sep’19 and returned from US.

    Since I stayed in US for just close to 2 years out of 6 years, please let me know if I am eligible to transfer my H1B to a new employer (Company B) in India after joining there and claim my remaining years (as a cap exempt) ?