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H1B Renewal + HNSC + CoronaVirus

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  • H1B Renewal + HNSC + CoronaVirus

    Hi there,

    Due to some family emergency, I traveled to India on March 1st, 2020 and got stuck here due to lockdown and I cannot travel back until April 15th or until the situation in US and India comes to the stable;

    My H1B visa is expiring on June 30, 2020, and I am due for my extension. ( Note: I still have 3 more years left in my 6 years of H1B)


    1) Am I eligible to apply for H1B extension/renewal in the month of May?

    2) Do I face any issue at the port of entry as I have lesser days( < 90 days ) left in my visa? Is there any alternative?

    3) With the premium process being suspended what other option do I have?

    4) Can I opt for HNSC? Is it a valid option? Do I need to change my payroll? What is the process involved in HNSC? What are the eligibility criteria?

    5) Does USCIS provide an exception in this case of extension or HNSC is a valid option here? Please suggest.

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    Same situation here. Can you please tell what is HNSC ?
    My employer told that since premium processing is suspended, extension approval may take several months. They'll need to temporarily get me an India offer (company has offices in India) and put me on Indian salary.