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Change of Status H1B..Please HELP!!

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  • Change of Status H1B..Please HELP!!

    My OPT expired on Feb 20th, 2010 and I reapplied to an F1 Visa due to the circumstances of not being able to find a job(also wanted to do an MBA). I was approved for my F1 on March 10th and later was accepted at a position. The company applied for my H1B visa on May 3rd and I received the Notice of Action(application is pending).

    My question is: Even though I was approved for an F1 Visa, I still have not registered for classes because the semester has not started yet. Do I still have to register and attend to classes even though I have applied for an H1B and its pending?

    Thank in advance for all your help.

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    Yes, unless H1B is approved, you won't be in H1B status. So to maintain a valid status, you need to be in F1. If yo don't attend the classes, then you will be out of status on F1.
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