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H1B Visa stamping

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  • H1B Visa stamping

    Hi there...

    friend of mine is freaking about H1B visa stamping in Mexico.. He currently works for a company that's sponsoring him for CG and already have labor and I-129 approved. He needs to get visa stamped so he can go with me out of the US, to travel.
    The reason he is a bit worried is that he applied for Pol. Asylum before (still being on H1B) and got denied (i think they did not believe him or whatever the reason they had). Now he thinks it will come up in the interview and officer might be hard on him and can deny his visa...

    I told him that he should not worry, cause he never lost his status and pol. asylum does not seem rellevant to his visa stamping. He called couple laywers for advise, they say different things...

    Anyone has insight on this? Should he just wait until he gets his GC and not risk??

    Please advise.