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H1B extension/renewal from India , When I140 already approved

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  • H1B extension/renewal from India , When I140 already approved

    I have completed 6 yrs in USA (with just 45 days left in 6 yrs). Currently i am in India and also have approved I140. I got I140 approved after coming to India and the I140 doc is with employer. It got approved in Sep 2019.
    Now, if i change my employer and if they don't transfer my H1B( as they don't do H1Bs at all). And Suppose , next year or in 2022 again i need to travel to USA. Can i find a new employer that time and use approved I140 and file a H1B in non-cap and travel to USA with a new employer?

    Please give me the correct process.
    Thanks In Advance !!!

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    Yes. Anyhow you have unused H1B days too. If you were on H1B within 6 years and you have remaining period of H1B days and Approved I-140 petition, you can file another H1B petition with different Employer which will come under CAP exempt. Once you get H1B Approval, you will need to go for visa stamping in order to travel to the USA.