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Question on H-1B Transfer

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  • Question on H-1B Transfer

    Hello All, Thank you for looking into my post and providing your valuable input in advance.

    I received an offer from a XXX company and H-1B transfer is initiated. I have received my Receipt notice and waiting for Approval. H-1B was filed in Normal process and it might take some time for the approval.

    1. Is it safe to join XXX company in this scenario with out an Approval notice?
    2. If I join the XXX company even with out Approval notice and I receive an offer from another company will that be possible enough for me to move to different company ? If so who will be holding my H-1B ?
    3. What are the chances that H-1B is denied during this process? (Just want to know experiences. I am sure no one can answer this exactly.

    Thank you.