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H1 Transfer while i797 expiring soon

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  • H1 Transfer while i797 expiring soon

    Could you please help me with below question ?

    I am working with Company A and my current i797 is going to expire on May 25 , 2020 (I94 expiry is June 4, 2020). Company A has already filled my extension.
    I received an offer from one of the FAANG companies and they have started H1 transfer process and mentioned that they will try their best to file transfer before May 25.

    Suppose if they file on May 24, Can I join them on receipt after May 25 ( that is my i797 expiration) as I have to give 2 week of notice to my current employer ?

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    If your H1 is currently valid and an extension is filed on time, then you can work for them only after receiving the receipt.
    Getting a receipt will take 7-14 days.
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.