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H-1B renewal questions - new location, title promotion and passport pending

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  • H-1B renewal questions - new location, title promotion and passport pending


    The first term of my current H-1B visa expires in Aug 2020. I have a couple of questions I was hoping for insight on:
    • Company is planning to move me to a new location in-state (greater than 50 miles) and we're planning to file the amendment together with the extension. Is that the best way to do it?
    • I also got a title promotion and a slight pay raise during my first term. Attorney recommended then that we don't need to file an amendment for this. Should I be worried about this causing an RFE/denial through my extension application?
    • I was unable to apply for my passport renewal due to CGKS being shut down. It expires in Jul 2020. Attorney thinks that I should wait for them to reopen, apply for a new passport and once I get it back send my application packet with the new passport. However, with things moving quickly after the Immigration Proclamation and the possible suspension of H-1B visas, I'd rather we be cautious and apply for the renewal now and if/when an RFE arrives for the passport possible expiry, we respond with the new passport paperwork then. What is the right answer here?
    Thanks for your help.

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    • YES
    • NO. the minimum pay requirement pay per LCA needs to be met at all times. Anything greater than this is OK. Title changes / Minor job duties are OK and should not warrant a concern
    • Passport# & Expiry dates are part of the I-129. As long as your passport is valid at the time of filing the petition, you should be good.
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