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Between jobs on H1

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  • Between jobs on H1

    I am on H1 visa and currently looking for a new job. At present I am out of job.

    My question here is how much time do I have before I can find a new job and transfer my H1 visa?

    First of all, is there any time limit for to get a new job?

    Could you please answer this question ASAP.


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    I am not sure I understood your question. Did you get laid off from your existing job? If not, then irrespective of whether you have work or not, your H1B sponsor is suppose to pay you. If you have been terminated, then you are out of status on H1B starting the immediate next day of your last pay slip. When you are out of status, transfer or change of status is not possible, because both requires your latest pay slips. Unfortunately, there is no grace period.
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      Swakat: H1-B Visa is purely "Temporary Worker" visa. That means, you need to have a job in your hand before your current gets over else, you will have to leave US the next day! If you overstay beyond the term of your employment it gets noted in your file and next time whenever you to file for H1B or any visa, it is the hurdle as, You can not justify your over stay as was looking for job!
      Good Luck or return to your home country and leave the door open!
      It is surprising that you are out of job and still on H1-B!
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