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    Hi All, I am new to this forum. I request your patience if this question has been asked earlier. Currently, my employer is in the process of doing my H-1 visa. I recently renewed my passport, and saw that CGI Houston has attached my father's name to my last name in the renewed passport. The old passport had the correct order of names. All the spellings are correct but the order is not correct. It is a small mistake, but I was told by the law officials here, that when I go to India for getting the H-1 stamp it will be a problem because of this small difference in the order of names. I was also told that my driver's licence renewal will also become a problem because of this mistake. I am trying to contact CGI Houston, but they neither answer the phone calls nor do respond to my emails. Can anyone suggest me what I should do. I feel like I am stuck up for no reason ((( The last thing that remains is to visit Houston, to may be go to their office and bug them every day. But this is going to be expensive considering the staying costs in a city like Houston. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. And thanks in advance for taking time to respond.