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  • H1B to H4 COS


    I am currently on an H1B visa, valid till May 2022. I have decided to resign from my job effective 7/31/2020. My wife has an H1B through her employer, valid till Dec 2022. On 5/22/2020, I submitted form I-539 to change my status from H1B to H4 dependent on my wife's H1B. I requested a start date of 8/1/2020 for the new status.

    1. If I don't get my H4 change of status approved by 7/31/2020, will I have to leave the country right away? Or does the 60 day grace period apply in my situation as well?

    2. If I can stay in the country, am I able to enroll in college in the US while the COS is pending?

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