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  • H1B visa stamping help

    I felt a hand reach under my top and start groping at my bare right breast, being rougher than I would have liked. But with greater skill than Adam, Carlos began running the tip of his tongue along the bottoms of my teeth than moving to massage my tongue, playing my mouth like a skilled musician playing the saxophone. I had hoped to keep some modesty, the clothes being able to give such free access without my bare body being seen, but that ended quickly.

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    Originally posted by kesipizu View Post
    I have three employers in my previous work experience section during my OPT but the form is allowing me to only submit 2 employers. I want to know what should I do in this situation.
    Thats not a big deal. You can attach an additional sheet to your application. Usually the USCIS form will have such a sample additional sheet at the end of the paper form which you can use. Make sure you indicate your name and date of birth on the sheet so it can be matched to your application.
    USC filed AOS for parents on B2. I am not a lawyer.
    7/21 <— 2 sets of I-130/485/944/864/131/765/693 reached Chicago Lockbox
    8/4 <— Checks cashed
    8/5 <— I-797 SMS
    8/24 <— Biometrics completed
    10/19 <— I-485 ("New Card Is Being Produced")
    10/20 <— I-130 and I-485 ("Case Was Approved")
    10/22 <— I-130 and I-485 Approval notices received
    10/28 <— Green card#1 received
    11/07 <— Green card#2 received