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Post Decision Activity on initial H1B after 2 years

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  • Post Decision Activity on initial H1B after 2 years


    After finishing college, I worked with OPT and my employer (employer A) decided to apply for H1B. I was selected in the lottery and worked with the employer for 1 1/2 years before I transferred to employer B. I have worked for almost 2 years with employer B now with an approved H1B but today I received a case status update for my initial H1B saying that a "Revocation Notice Was Sent". I'm not sure what is going on. Is this normal? Will my current H1B also get revoked due to this or can I safely ignore this?

    Thanks for the reply

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    You can probably safely ignore this if you already left the employer because the petition was probably withdrawn by the employer because you have left the employer. After the employer withdraws the petition, then the online case status will show "revocation Notice Was Sent." You mentioned that this revocation was associated with your "initial" H-1b petition, so I assumed you checked the receipt number of your initial H-1b petition online to get this status feedback. I also assumed that you have moved on from this employer. If this is not correct, please let me know.