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  • Please give me an advice..

    Hi there,
    I came here 2000 march 6th as an dependent H4. Now Iam thinking to apply for H1. But if I apply now, for how long they will give h1 visa? Because 2006 march it will be 6 years for me. In these five years i went to india for 9 months(not in 1 stretch).
    1. If I apply for h1, will get that in october of this year. I think it will be effective untill march 6th 2006. Do they count 9 months when I was in India?
    Is there any chance to get visa for these 6 months form oct 6th to march 1st and extra those 9 months when i was in india?
    Please help.

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    H1 + H4 = 6 years

    You will get visa from Oct 2005.

    If you were in India for last 9 months, that does not matter. You can't recapture that period.
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