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Question regarding H4 stamping of my infant daughter

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  • Question regarding H4 stamping of my infant daughter

    I am on H1B visa and currently in the US, and my wife and 8 months old daughter are in India. Me and my wife have a valid stamped visa till Jan 2021 but in between, I had an amendment from the same employer, and based on the approved amendment petition my daughter got a stamped visa only till May 2020. So at this point, my wife has a valid visa stamped on passport till Jan 2021 but my daughter doesn't.

    My question is: 'Can my daughter alone just apply for a new H4 visa stamping based on my recent extended (renewed) petition (I797)' or my wife and daughter both will have to apply together based on my new petition?

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    Yes your daughter seems to fit into an exception to the proclamation and can individually apply for H-4 visa at this time with the US consulate in her home country if the US consulates are open.