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H4 EAD Name update due to Passport Renewal

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  • H4 EAD Name update due to Passport Renewal

    Hey Guys,

    Can anyone help me in understanding what process to follow and what Forms to fill to inform USCIS about the LAST NAME *addition* of the existing H4 EAD application, post passport renewal.

    We have filled the H4 EAD in March 2020 which still has been pending due to COVID-19. Meanwhile we applied for H4 applicant's passport Renewal (which was issued before marriage) in June 2020 since it was going to expire soon. While we applied for passport renewal, we also got the applicant's last name updated to use married last name as per marriage certificate. [spouse was missing the last name on his passport too]

    My company attorney is proceeding to inform USCIS about the last name update for H4 visa pending application (applied in March as well) but they asked for $900 as their fees to take care of the same for H4 EAD pending application. [too much money for H4 EAD case]

    Here is 1 thing to note: H4 applicant's *did not* have *ANY LAST NAME* in earlier passport, so that's why we wanted to take advantage of this passport renewal to add the last name in there.
    So b/c no last name earlier, all of the previous H4 applications have gone with 'LNU' as last name.

    Now we are trying to fix this name issue by informing USCIS on H4 EAD as well based upon the new passport that we got.

    Any suggestions are welcome.
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